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Morning selfie

Morning selfie


Hey party people,

Gonna be on Skype. Come hang out with me. 

I’ll try and be cool.


Strike all of this.

I’m hanging out with my cat.

Hey party people,

Gonna be on Skype. Come hang out with me. 

I’ll try and be cool.

It’s been super sunny and my “uniform” nowadays has been boots, jeans, and a workout tank top. 

So now the world not only sees my amazing racerback tan line but also the sun spots that are cropping up as a result of my alabaster, sun-deprived, blindingly white skin becoming burnt to a crisp. 

Until I can save the money for a new bike, I’m stuck riding the bus 24/7. I have a car but I like saving money where I can. My lifestyle is pretty spartan and I’m very conscious about where my money goes. 

That being said, there are certain times to ride the bus and certain times where riding the bus is a dangerous toss up. After 7 pm, just give up on having an uneventful trip. Once I had an ex-convict try to follow me home and proposition me. This evening some father has his two kids who are running wild. 

The story goes like this: daddy and daughter and son make three. The children are sharing a bag of Cheetos; the little girl has already rubbed her cheese dust fingers all over my bag by the time the little boy is swinging from seat to seat like a monkey by the poles. The father has left with the daughter to retrieve a lost jacket when the boy starts climbing all over my things.

At first, I start shooing him like an animal. I don’t really do children. 

Then I verbally ask him to please stop.

The third time I’ve taken off my headphones, pulled down my glasses, and scowl. “There is very expensive stuff in here. Like my laptop.”

Say what you want about children, but kids learn about the money thing real quick. 

His face kinda drops and he leaves me alone. 

Twenty minutes later, I’m still annoyed and the kids are now sitting but still screaming and wailing. And then we get to my stop. Where I notice the dad telling the boy to pull the rope.

I won’t apologize for the absolute power and joy I felt by tugging that rope before him. I watched that little boy’s spirit break as the familiar ding! went off before he could pull the rope down. 

And he looked me straight in the eyes. 

And I know he knows.

I took away a little kid’s joy tonight and I’m not even sorry. 

The little shit. 

orlesianthief replied to your post “I think I’m going to sleep for another 9 hours. I put off eating until…”

Bluh, sorry to hear that, get some rest and feel better soon!

I actually woke up at 6 am and still felt like super shit. Luckily, Chris was nice enough to grind up some fresh beans for me before he had to leave for work so I trudged out of bed and infused myself with about 1000000% more coffee than I usually drink in the mornings.

i think the obscene amount of caffeine I imbibed cured me. 


Dark Souls 2 Concept Art

That’s so sweet. You’ve made me feel much better about the gym. Thank you. <3

I can’t tell you how many people I try to reassure irl that the gym is not this big, scary place where all the gym people get together and find the person most vulnerable to pick on. 

The gym is a place to get work done. All of us there [usually] don’t have all day to sit and fuck around. I myself have about an hour and a half on a good day to run in there and run out before needing to go to the lab, meeting with students, or go to class. No one wants to waste time.

If I see another person who wants to get work done, I’m not going to shit on them.

Hell, who does that? Who looks at a person trying and starts laughing, “Look at that person who is obviously putting effort into something I can do effortlessly?” An immature douchebag, that’s who. 

Listen, I’ve had people come up to me and ask, “How do I do what you do?” and are totally taken aback when they find out that I’m not “SUPER UBER GYM PERSON” but just this weird dork who knows a lot about brains and video games and just happens to like going to the gym. 

To give you context, my friends call me the HARDCORE GYM FRIEND and I literally lose my shit at that all the fucking time. 

It’s all about perception of yourself, perception of others, and how you’re making comparisons between those two comparisons and that’s where (I think) a lot of gym misconceptions arise. 

enniethecivilian replied to your post “So I was at the gym today and someone wiped out on a treadmill. It…”

initially people look at me if I’m doing my shit right, but once I start, it’s like ‘well no need to worry about her’. but everyone watches the guy who loads 4 plates on squats a] holy shit and b] can p much snap himself in half without a spotter

Holy heavens, weightlifters are probably the nicest people in the gym. Especially the big ones. 

Once I got stuck in the weightlifting section without a spotter and this HUGE guy offered to be my spotter and the entire time he would ask, “Is that too much? Don’t be afraid to take some weight off. Ain’t no shame in making sure you don’t hurt yourself.” 


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